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The Essential CNC Plasma Tube and Pipe Cutting Machine

The Dragon A400 CNC plasma tube and pipe cutter, easily marks, and engraves on tube and pipe to make CAD/CAM designs a reality. Any design with holes and end cuts can be done on the Dragon A400. The Dragon A400 marks all bending locations, rotation, and degrees on the tube. For shops that use tubes and pipes in their process, the Dragon A400 is an essential time-saving tool. Schedule a Virtual Demo to see your parts come to life. Proudly made in the USA, the Bend-Tech Dragon has been the industry leader with over 1,000 machines in the field.

Improving the Bottom Line

Production time is up to five times faster by using Bend-Tech’s Dragon A400 CNC plasma tube and pipe cutter. The CNC automation minimizes errors in production and wasted time and materials.

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy with CNC Automation

The parts produced by the Dragon A400 CNC plasma tube and pipe cutting machine fit up as intended, removing the need for the time-consuming process of manually fitting tube.

Plasma Cutting

The Dragon A400 plasma torch is a fast and accurate method of cutting that does not have the high cost of a laser. When cutting under the appropriate conditions, parts are weld ready immediately after cutting.

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