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Why Use Plasma Cutters?

We use plasma cutters here at Capital Engineering to create precision cuts without the mess of saws or the sloppiness of hand-held torches. It works on a CNC (computer numerical controlled) system to ensure that all of our cuts are as perfect as possible.

How it Works

Conductive metals like steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, can be cut with a plasma cutter. We run an electrical current through the metal, to create a channel for superheated ionized plasma to arc between the plate and the torch. The cutter is on a multi-directional robotic arm. The ion torch’s compressed gas blows away the molten metal, leaving a clear channel where the metal has been cut.

Do you need some precision cuts made for your industrial equipment? We can handle that.

Our Plasma Cutters

Plasma Cutter 1

  • Table 10′ x 20′
  • Control – Burny 10 LCD plus
  • Power Supply – Hypertherm HPR260XD
  • Cutting Capabilities:
    • Steel up to 2.5″
    • Stainless Steel up to 2″ thick
    • Aluminum up to 2″ thick

Plasma Cutter 2

  • Table 6′ x 12′
  • Control – Hypertherm:
    • with EDGE PRO Ti
    • with TRUE HOLE Technologies
  • Power Supply – Hypertherm HPR130XD
    • with Long Life
    • with Power Piece Technologies
  • Cutting Capabilities:
    • Steel up to 1.5″ thick
    • Stainless Steel up to 1″ thick
    • Aluminum up to 1″ thick

The Capitol Difference

We have several plasma-cutting stations, each with a variety of “bits” We can accommodate up to a 10′ x 20′ plate of 2″ steel. We can cut and etch. We can take your design, whether it’s scribbled on a napkin or designed in CAD and translate it into a precision plan and then cut it to exact specifications.

Each of our tables is also independently vented from below. Our vents focus their suction directly under the moving cutting head so it can suck away all of the harmful gasses, keeping our technicians safe. After the gasses are removed from the cutting site, it is processed through a special filter and clean air is released back into the atmosphere.

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