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The CNC Pipe Welder or Rotoweld 3.0 is the ultimate automated welding solution to increase your productivity and stay competitive intoday’s fabrication industry.

Experienced pipe welders are hard to find and fabricators want to increase their productivity while delivering high-quality products and reducing production delays and costs. And access to the latest information on your production floor is crucial to making sound decisions.

Welding torches and wire feeder

  • Designed with 2 welding torches: one to perform open-root-pass butt welds and the other for filling passes
  • Each torch has its own wire spools. Root pass is done in GMAW choices for fill passes: GMAW, FCAW, MCAW, SAW.
  • Separate gas shielding system for each torch
  • Robotized torch welding arm for fast and repeatable torch positioning on selected pipe diameter
  • Torches can be easily switched — FCAW and SAW are both standard in the Rotoweld 3.0 HD model.
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Dual Torch Precision for Unparalleled Pipe Welding Performance

Our CNC Pipe Welder is a cutting-edge welding solution that is perfect for any fabrication business looking to increase productivity and stay competitive in today’s industry. The system is designed with two welding torches, one to perform open-root-pass butt welds and the other for filling passes, making it a versatile and efficient option for pipe welding.

One of the major benefits of the CNC Pipe Welder is that it reduces the margin of error with even the most experienced pipe welders. With the system’s robotized torch welding arm, the position of the torch is fast and repeatable on the selected pipe diameter, providing precision and accuracy with every weld.

Revolutionizing Fabrication: Precision, Efficiency, and Versatility

The CNC Pipe Welder is also equipped with two separate wire spools and gas shielding systems for each torch, making it even more efficient and reliable. The root pass is done using GMAW, but the system provides options for fill passes, including GMAW, FCAW, MCAW, and SAW. This allows fabricators to use the best welding process for each individual job, resulting in high-quality products.

The CNC Pipe Welder HD model includes the ability to use both FCAW and SAW welding processes in addition to GMAW for the fill passes and root pass, making it even more versatile and suitable for various welding applications.

With the CNC Pipe Welder, fabricators, you can have access to the latest information on the production floor, providing you with the ability to make sound decisions and reduce production delays and costs. This advanced welding solution is perfect for businesses looking to stay competitive and improve their bottom line.

In conclusion, the CNC Pipe Welder is a powerful solution that provides all the necessary features for increasing productivity and maintaining high-quality products while reducing production delays and costs. With its precision, efficiency, and versatility, the CNC Pipe Welder is a game-changer for the fabrication industry.

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